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GottaGoText provides SMS text message marketing campaigns and mobile marketing solutions that will skyrocket your response rates and grow your business with the most sophisticated, powerful, yet easy to implement MOBILE REWARDS PROGRAMS
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GottaGoText's new mobile loyalty rewards program provides the industry's first REAL mobile marketing solution that actually allows businesses to create their own mobile rewards program like never before. By leveraging QR codes and mobile keyword technologies, GottaGoText offers a more realistic alternative to paper or plastic rewards cards and works directly on mobile phones to increase convenience and encourage repeat purchasing for your business' customers.

request a demo of the gottagotext mobile loyalty rewards program. Click hereDesigned with anti-fraud features in mind, the GottaGoText mobile rewards program allows businesses to engage customers across a variety of devices, not just smartphones but also conventional feature phones. But it's so much better than just your typical rewards program. Once subscribed, you can grow your customer databases and send promotional offers to the mobile numbers collected through the rewards program!

Just define a reward and select the number of points customers need to amass before they can redeem that particular reward. During each visit or purchase, the customer acquires points toward that award by either scanning a QR Code or texting in a mobile textword, which the business approves in real-time. When the customer reaches the desired point total, they are sent an automatic text message alerting them of their reward which includes a redemption code to combat any fraudulent and unauthorized redemptions.

Let's face it: MOST OF THE MOBILE LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAMS OUT THERE ARE EITHER WAY TO CUMBERSOME TO OPERATE OR SIMPLY DO NOT WORK! Finally, GottaGoText has your solution. Contact us for more program features or to arrange for a mobile loyalty rewards program demo.

Now businesses can offer its customers the best features of their current "punch card" system conveniently and securely on their mobile phones, while totally eliminating paper cards that are easy to lose and misplace. With our mobile loyalty rewards program, businesses can improve bottom lines by increasing revenues and avoiding fraudulent activities normally associated with paper and/or plastic cards and engaging customers with their favorite business over and over again by taking advantage of being a loyal customer.

For the same price other companies charge for email marketing alone, Gotta Go Text allows you to stay in constant contact with your opt-in audience with just one click! Our fantastic mobile text marketing and advertising service will increase your sales/revenues, strengthen your customer loyalty, and build a precise database of potential customers. IT'S THAT EASY!  Sign Up Today

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